Lost cat letter to neighbours

Help your neighbours understand why you'd like to search their property. Give them a copy of this letter.

Neighbours who have never lost a cat may think it strange that you’re asking to search on their property.

Help them to understand.

Take this letter when you doorknock

The letter below explains why you’re asking – citing research on lost cat behaviour – and explains what you’ll be doing, and not doing.

If your lost cat is with a rescue group, print it on the group’s letterhead, for more proessionalism.

<Rescue group logo if applicable>
Dear Resident,
Finding <cat’s name>
[We are a registered animal welfare organisation. We rescue dogs and cats from death row at pounds and shelters and find them loving forever homes.]
We are seeking your cooperation in finding a very timid rescue cat, <name>. She got out of her new home at 70 Lost St, Lostville, on <Day> <Date>.
You are very unlikely to see her – if she sees or hears you, she will run or hide!
Missing cat experts have found that timid cats generally hide close to where they got out.  We would appreciate it if we could search your property (front and back) after dark with a torch, looking for her eyeshine – under the house, in garages/sheds etc. 
We don’t need you to do anything – we just need access. We will respect your property and leave it as we found it.
Please call xxx or yyy on 0412 345 678 or 0455 123 456 if you have any queries.
We thank you for your cooperation in bringing this special lady back to safety.
Kind regards,

Download template letter

Download our template letter [doc] and change it to suit.