Lost cat fliers – download templates to use when doorknocking

Here are some template fliers for when you’re doorknocking neighbours and asking permission to search.
They’re too small to put on lamp posts etc.

Tips for making effective doorknocking fliers

  • State ‘PLEASE HELP’ up front – it gets people’s attention
  • State that they’re a foster cat – people may be more compassionate than if they’re your own
  • Include good photos; include a larger photo on the back
  • Clearly state that they are very timid and not to approach them
  • Include rescue group’s logo, if applicable

Download template fliers

Front photo in landscape format

Front photo in portrait format

Should you offer a reward?

Based on new research, the Missing Animal Response Network no longer recommends offering a reward. Here’s why.


Some businesses (like Officeworks) will be kind hearted and will give you discounted printing, if you ask. They love animals too.