If you’ve lost your cat, update their microchip record

Even though the chances of your lost cat being found at a vet, shelter or pound are slim, make sure your contact details are up to date with your cat’s microchip registry. They’ll then be able to contact you if they’re found.

Also, report them as lost to the registry.

Microchip registries in Australia

Just to make things tricky, Australia has a number of microchip registries. They include:

NSW has a separate registry – the NSW Pet Registry.

If you know their microchip registry

If you have their microchip certificate, it will indicate which registry they’re listed with.

Contact the company directly and check the contact details they have on record. You can do this online for most companies.

While you’re there, report that your cat is lost. This will alert a vet, pound or shelter of their missing status

If you don’t know their microchip registry

Go to petaddress.com.au and enter their microchip number. It will tell you which company to contact.

Contact the company, check the contact details they have for you and report them as lost.

If you don’t know their microchip number

If you don’t have a record of their microchip number, contact:

  • their current or former vet
  • your council
  • the rescue group, shelter or pound from which you adopted them
  • the pet shop from which you obtained them.

They may have the microchip number on record. Then use petaddress.com.au to do the rest.

Details correct?

Now it’s time to start searching – your property first, then neighbours.